An Energy and Water Efficiency Playground on California’s Capitol Lawn!

In April, ACC joined groups from the energy and water efficiency sectors to demonstrate to California regulators and lawmakers how chemistry enables new and existing technologies that can help California meet its ambitious renewable energy and efficiency goals.

The pop-up expo took place on the lawn of the Capitol in Sacramento and also included information on water efficiency products. Attendees also learned more about the University of California at Davis’ California Lighting Technology Center’s efforts to reduce the amount of energy used to light California’s buildings and outdoor spaces. Comcast displayed products related to EcoSaver, a new cloud-based solution that learns heating and cooling patterns of a home for additional energy savings.

Chemistry has enabled the building and construction industry to develop products to help meet this challenge with a portfolio of materials that reduce energy and water consumption. For example, spray polyurethane foam insulation, which was showcased at the event, can help reduce energy waste for both residential and commercial buildings, not only in California, but throughout the nation.

(Video) How it Works: Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation in 60 Seconds

Shown in the video above is a live demonstration of why spray polyurethane foam insulation is a powerful building insulation material with a unique ability to fill the gaps and holes that can be difficult to seal. Air leaks waste up to 40% of the energy used to heat and cool a single family home.

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