Determine America’s Next Model Energy Code!

energy code deadlines

Want to play a role in shaping our country’s next model energy code?

You can!

Between 2006 and 2012, International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) efficiency has increased by 38%. This has resulted in individual consumers and business owners across the country saving thousands of dollars through reduced energy bills. But in 2015 and 2018, the pattern of efficiency gains came to a halt.

The issue lies with votes. Of the 20,000 potential voters (Governmental Member Voting Representatives, or GMVRs) only 500 voted for IECC proposals—and there weren’t enough votes for the pro-efficiency proposals to push through.

energy code

Here’s the truth: If pro-efficiency proposals had received just 500 more votes, then the 2018 IECC would be 10% more efficient than it currently is. The result? Reduced carbon emissions, reduced energy bills (with increased cost savings), reduced reliance on energy, and a country on the fast track for a greener future.

So if you work for a form of local or state government your vote can make a critical difference. To make the process simple and easy, we’ve outlined quick ways to improve voter turnout. Take these steps to ensure you’re represented!

  • If possible, submit all GMVRs during ICC registration. Although your full roster of GMVRs doesn’t have to be submitted until September 23, 2019, it’s ideal to get this done now and know this critical task is complete.
  • Assign someone responsible for ensuring that all GMVRs cast votes in November 2019. Ideally, this will be your Primary Representative. If not, designate another individual to this task.
  • Staying informed will help you make as big of an impact as possible. Sign up to receive reminders and a Voting Guide at


Remember, all members MUST register NO LATER THAN September 23rd. We encourage members to register as early as possible! For additional resources, click here.

Here’s to energy efficiency!