The Wall Calculator Helping Builders With Energy Code Compliance

wall calculator

Applied Building Technology Group, LLC has developed a new builder calculation tool. It helps compute wall R-values and U-factors, while also checking for wall moisture control. The new “Wall Calculator” helps builders conform to energy codes. The calculator checks thermal insulation and water vapor controls for compliance. In fact, it’s intended for both commercial and residential wood construction.

This tool makes combining extraneous data, super-simple. Using the information plugged in the calculator, it provides feedback on wall compliance and runs a water vapor control-check too. This helps confirm whether the correct interior vapor retarders are present. These calculations can be a difficult and complicated process. The calculator looks at climate and location. Then it considers insulation amount, sheathing type, vapor permeability, and cladding ventilation. The calculator also can recommend potential wall coverings and cladding depending on moisture levels. All these elements come together on one webpage and the “wall calculator” is available free. That’s a neat resource.

Sustainable buildings depend on efficient, energy-conserving structures. Buildings should control internal climates and respond to external climates. Coordinating the many factors that go into a sustainable building wall is difficult. Tools like this can add value to your architectural and specifying toolkit.

Try out the calculator for yourself and let Applied Building Technology Group know what you think!

Steel Frame Wall Calculator
Wood Frame Wall Calculator

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