Smart from the Start

With all the “green” products or materials on the market, how do you navigate the claims and confidently pick the best green-building materials? A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can help. LCAs are one of the most effective ways to evaluate how a product will impact the environment.

In the green-building industry, an LCA has two primary benefits:

  1. It helps consumers and building-code officials make more informed decisions during the design and building processes.
  2. It drives innovation by revealing opportunities for manufacturers to improve a product’s efficiency and quality.

When equipped with an LCA’s insights:

  • Contractors can know how to better prevent or resolve environmental problems related to project management and improper waste disposal.
  • Home Builders can use a life cycle assessment to explain and affirm how a green building material yields energy savings during the life of the building.
  • Building Owners can see how sustainable products favorably reduce environmental impacts during the lifetime of their investment.

Life Cycle Assessment Resources

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