HDPE Specifications and Standards

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) solid wall pipe has been used in potable water applications since the 1960s. While the American Water Works Association (AWWA) is expected to publish its AWWA M 55, Manual for the Design and Installation of Polyethylene Pipe in Water Applications later this year, the material is currently specified and/or approved in the following standards:

  • AWWA C 901-02, Standard for PE Pressure Pipe and Tubing, [13 through 76 mm] 0.5 in. through 3 in. for Water Service;
  • AWWA C 906-99, Standard for PE Pressure Pipe and Fittings, [102 through 1600 mm] 4-in. through 63 in. for Water Distribution and Transmission;
  • ASTM International F 714-03, Standard Specification for PE Plastic Pipe Based on Outside Diameter;
  • ASTM D 3035-03a, Standard Specification for PE Plastic Pipe Based on Controlled Outside Diameter;
  • ASTM D 2657-03, Standard Practice for Heat Joining Polyolefin Pipe and Fittings;
  • ASTM D2683-98, Standard Specification for Socket-Type Polyethylene Fittings for Outside Diameter-Controlled Polyethylene Pipe and Tubing;
  • ASTM D3261-03, Standard Specification for Butt Heat Fusion PE Plastic Fittings for PE Plastic Pipe and Tubing;
  • ASTM D3350-02a, Standard Specification for Polyethylene Plastic Pipe and Fittings Materials;
  • ASTM F1055-98e1, Standard Specification for Electrofusion Type Polyethylene Fittings for Outside Diameter Controlled Polyethylene Pipe and Tubing;
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) B 137.1-2002, Polyethylene Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings for Cold-water Pressure Services;
  • NSF International/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 61-2003e, Standard for Drinking Water Systems Components—Health Effects; and
  • NSF/ANSI 14-2003, Standard for Plastics Piping System Components and Related Material.