Plastic Foam = insulation + air sealant + noise abatement

A comfortable environment today goes beyond warmth and security. Extraneous noises from the city, aircraft or automobiles can affect our level of comfort, of work, and of sleep. As a result, acoustics are an important structural consideration.

Many of today’s plastic foams are not only great insulators, sealants and vapor-barriers, but also serve as a means of providing sound abatement and noise control. A low density SPF can be used to provide insulation, an air barrier, and sound control.

Acoustics Resources

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Housewrap Quick Facts

Plastics’ energy and greenhouse gas savings using housewrap applied to the exterior of single family residential housing.

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Providing Remodeling Solutions with SPF

Residential remodeling is a vast industry and it is expanding. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates residential improvements in 2005 will be approximately 162.4 billion dollars.1 This remodeling boom is helped by low interest rates,...

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